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Jaimie Byrd

I went in yesterday, 3/2/19, to look at vehicles. I honestly had no expectations. I immediately was met by Haze. The first thing he did was start the financing process to see what would work best for my situation. He came back with a range of payments that honestly worked with my budget. We went out and looked at vehicles and I found one that I loved with lower mileage than you would think would be on a 6 year old vehicle. I had my 5 year old with me and everyone treated him so kindly. I ended up getting financed through First United Bank and set up on a biweekly payment that was perfect for me. It was a lower payment than the range previously given to me. Plus, you can’t beat the extras that came with it like the free oil changes and the warranty. JT, the finance manager, even told me how I could get my credit score to improve by making car payments on time. All of the staff here were friendly and so helpful. I ended up signing paperwork and left with the key to my new SUV. I have already recommended them to several people and I will be taking my business back to them. Thank you, Seth Wadley Auto Connection and First United for helping me get back on my feet through my financial journey.

Alexis Jackson

This was my second time visiting and this time I walked out with a car. My 1st visit I didn’t have everything I needed. The whole experience was nice. They treated me like family and Tessa was great! Even though she’s not a sales person, she helped with the financing part. I got the car I had been stalking on their website for about 2 weeks. I got financed through First United Bank. First United and Seth Wadley Auto Connection have helped me improve my credit score and got me into the car I wanted. With the Spend Life Wisely budget tool, I’m already rebuilding my credit and getting my finances on the right track.

James Lyons

Seth Wadley Auto Connection is a family dealership who truly cares about their customers. They helped my family and I put tires on the front of our new Traverse when I wasn’t able to pay for it right then. They helped me improve my credit and helped me finance my loan through First United Bank. They helped me with all of my financial needs and got me into a payment I could afford, all while helping me rebuild my credit. Making a loan payment at the Bank was easy and all the staff were all friendly. I want to thank both First United and Seth Wadley Auto Connection for helping my family get into a car. I will never do business with any other Auto Group other than Seth Wadley Auto Connection. Thank you guys for all you have done for us. They’re a 5 star dealer!

Casey Potts

I had Nick as my salesman! I can’t say enough about his kindness from the very beginning. He was hometown, honest and real. I was able to talk to him and he was never pushy or insistent. The qualities at this dealership are something I have never encountered before. JT, the manager, was honest and straightforward, and looked me in the eye when we got down to business. I realize this specific location is for bad credit or no credit, and for people down on their luck for the time being. But this team understood and recognized my needs and didn’t hesitate to work hard to get me into a vehicle. I can’t say enough about Nick’s hospitality and kindness. I’m from Ardmore, and had to go out of town to find this kind of professionalism. Thank you Nick and JT for all you did. I give this dealership 10 stars!

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Deborah Steakley

The SWAC program has changed my life. I went in with almost nothing to put down, and First United helped finance me and got me into a car and back on the road. Seth Wadley Auto Connection is the best car lot I have ever dealt with. Great people, fast service, no hassle service and the friendly staff at First United for helping me get financed and the payment process easy. Seth Wadley will make sure you leave happy with your purchase! I have bought two vehicles now from them and paying on my first car on time with a co-signer made my credit in 6 months go up from 31 point. I LOVE this benefit along with everything else they guarantee! Thank you Seth Wadley and First United!

Ebony Winlock Wilkes

We had a great experience, and were approved and financed on the spot with First United Bank. I got to choose what I wanted. I would send everyone to them if I could. We had some credit issues this last year and they worked to help get us back on the right track. The SWAC program has helped me rebuild my credit and get me back into a car. They were true to their word when they said I was pre-qualified. I am super happy with all of the service I have received. I don’t know of any other dealership that gives you a warranty for the entire loan or oil changes for life. We didn’t even get that when we bought a new vehicle. Thank you guys and we will be back.

Melanie Barks

This place is for sure a five star facility. They are amazing! We have gone to so many other dealers where we sat for hours just to be told no. Not this company. We were approved, in and out with our new truck, within 45 minutes. They really go above and beyond to make sure you are in something that suits your lifestyle and just all around nice and great people. I will recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to go here. They really make you feel like their main priority is taking care of you instead of just trying to get the sale out of the door. Thank you guys so much for all of your hard work and help, such are an amazing staff. They really treated us like family and are helping us improve our credit thanks to the SWAC program and First Fidelity for helping us get back on our feet.

Bryttani Bay

I can’t say enough about this group of people. Daisha especially! The motor on my car blew unexpectedly and I was in a HUGE bind. I came to see her on a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad I did. When I thought all hope was lost, she literally ran after me and brought me back and got me into an amazing car! I love her and her entire team. I’ve bought several cars in my lifetime and this was by far the easiest/quickest transaction ever. Even through finance - which is generally the worst part. They got me approved through First Fidelity and got me into using the Spend life wisely budget tool to help me improve my credit score. They didn’t try to just tell me things I wanted to hear. They gave it to me straight and got me on the road incredibly quickly. To say they went above and beyond would be an understatement. I am incredibly grateful to Daisha, especially, who refused to stop working with/for me until she got me into a car that I absolutely love! If you’re looking for a no hassle, easy, quick car-buying experience, go see Daisha. She is absolutely the BEST!

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Amanda Leigh Palmer

My car buying journey hasn’t been easy. I’ve had lots of kinks along the way. I have tried not to have to buy a car because I’m in nursing school. My old car finally went out on me, and Seth Wadley Auto Connection got me into a super cute car for a decent price! Not only have they fixed every issue that has come up with my new car, they have guaranteed my car under warranty and with free oil changes for life! I’m so blessed to have a safe, reliable, and affordable way to get to and from school for another year. #futurern #Mscnursingclassof2019 #ilovemynissan

Jeff Holeman

This place has done it again, in particular, Daisha Walker! I went to have service done on my vehicle in Pauls Valley due to it still having a powertrain warranty. I get to the location, requested a loaner just in case it would take longer than expected. They didn’t have a loaner vehicle available. I inform Daisha of what was going on. Long story short, she made sure I got a ride back to Ada, and a loaner vehicle ready! Words can’t express how genuine this lady is, and what she does for her customers. If you need a vehicle, go see Daisha, and let her know I sent ya!

Betty Greer

I was introduced to you all by a church member. She told my husband and I 4 or 5 times to visit Seth Wadley Auto Connection. We had been turned down several times because of our credit score. We prayed and we said let’s go try it. The worst they can say is that they can’t help us. We were paying high payments and we ran into a rough spot. My brother passed and we had to help bury him. My husband was drawing disability and I’m working part time at the Duncan Public Library. Two months after that my Mom was hospitalized and she passed away. Seth Wadley was able to get us approved through First United and we are beyond blessed for the SWAC program and helping us during our financial struggles. We are looking forward to using the Spend life Wisely budgeting tool to help us improve our credit score. Thank you, Seth Wadley for all you do!

Carrie Chessmore

I was in a really low place because I had just gotten into a car accident. I had no clue how I was going to ever be able to afford a new car and the wonderful people at Seth Wadley helped me stand back up on my feet and get into a vehicle the same day I needed one! They treated me like family and provided outstanding service. First United Bank helped me with getting a new car also! If it wasn’t for them or any of the people at Seth Wadley, I would still be stressing about how I was going to manage. I am so beyond grateful! First united bank has been wonderful. I had one issue and it was resolved SO quickly! I love being able to pay my loan online!


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